SDLs Create Modern Grid Patterns for Doors & Glass

Anyone can purchase a stock door from a hardware store, but those who want their front door to stand out should consider a customized simulated divided lite design. SDLs allow designers to create traditional or more unique geometric creations using one pane of glass.

The beauty of the SDL is that customers can easily create almost any design in glass that they want without the hassle of having to cut separate pieces of glass and separate them with custom-made dividers or grilles. At Glass Design, we pride ourselves on innovation, honing skills during each project to create intricate and imaginative designs that can’t be found anywhere else.

How is an SDL created?

Simulated Divided Lites adhere grilles made from composite material to both the inside and outside of one pane of glass to create a unique design.

SDLs can be made with many types of glass, depending on the look and aesthetic you are looking for. In hurricane-prone locations such as Southwest Florida and the Gulf Coast, SDLs can utilize hurricane impact glass instead of traditional glass panes so that homeowners can still create a beautiful, signature piece that showcases the beauty they crave without eliminating the safety and weather-resistant features of a hurricane-proof door.

Many customers want the design look of an SDL but the privacy of textured glass. Etched glass and leaded glass can be paired with custom SDLs to add a bit of dimension to a custom design.

One of our most popular options at Glass Design is to marry the company’s exclusive bubble glass with an SDL design. To make bubble glass, we fuse glass bubbles to clear glass, textured glass or frosted satin glass. The result is a beautiful sheet of glass that looks as if real bubbles are trapped inside. Bubble glass is popular with people who want to allow light into their home but maintain their privacy. Bubbles typically are clear, but they also can come in a variety of colors.

At Glass Design, we specialize in customization. Other door companies offer catalogs of doors customers can choose from, but our customers get to pick everything from the type of glass and the size of the grilles used to the shape of the SDL bar layout. Grilles can be smooth or simulate the texture of wood grain and come in 7/8”, 3”, and 5” widths.  No design is too ambitious or intricate. Our experts work closely with each customer to realize his or her design vision.

What are the benefits of an SDL?

Because SDLs are applied to a single pane of glass, they are more energy-efficient than doors that use separate panes of glass separated by wooden grilles. Insulated glass does a great job of keeping homes cool in the summer and warm in the winter (we have a few chilly weeks in Florida!) because there are not as many places where air can escape or enter. SDL bars are also easier to maintain compared to an actual divided light.

The most durable SDL bars are made of composite materials, which are better able to withstand the harsh Florida heat and humidity. Paired with a fiberglass door, the combination gives homeowners years of worry-free use and enjoyment.

The cost to build an SDL is very competitive and can be scaled up or down, depending on your budget.

SDLs are perfect for coastal locations that are subjected to more severe weather. We have a collection of glass inserts and SDL designs that can be installed into any door, but the professional designers at Glass Design relish the challenge of coming up with new and more modern designs. Our company also prides itself on doing all of the work itself. We don’t hire subcontractors for any stage of the project, from design and build to installation. Drop by Glass Design and see how easy it is to come up with an affordable and elegant customized SDL for your home or business.

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