Can I Add Glass to My Existing Door?

Do you think about your front door often? You notice it and use it frequently, but you may not think about it that much because it’s not yet an exclamation point to mark your entry.

We’re here to help.

No matter the kind of door you have, it can easily be transformed in style without replacing it! Do you have a standard six-panel, solid entry door or a door that has an outdated glass pattern? Do all of the homes in your neighborhood have basically the same door? 

As long as your door is in good shape, our craftsmen at Glass Design can replace its glass with privacy, hurricane impact, or decorative glass. If you have a solid door, we also can add glass to it!

Front doors offer security (from both intruders and weather), and act as a welcoming gateway for your family and guests. Custom glass accentuates all of the necessities and also adds style.

Many residents come into our Fort Myers or Naples showrooms fully expecting to have to replace their door, which can be costly. Upgrading or adding glass to an existing door is one of the easiest ways to create a new look for the front of your home. You also don’t have to sacrifice safety for creativity. Our hurricane impact glass can be added to most doors and customized with decorative touches.

Adding custom glass to an existing door, especially a solid door, can be game-changing. Glass inserts allow light into your home while adding privacy and artistic elements. Custom glass is our specialty, and we are eager to help you create a design in glass that is truly unique and reflects your taste and style. Add leaded, beveled, or etched glass, privacy glass, or our specialty bubble glass, to really make your front door pop.

In Southwest Florida, many of the homes in our planned communities look the same. Changing out the glass or adding glass to an existing door is a great way to put your stamp on your home and create a conversation piece for your neighbors.

Can I add customized glass to any door?

Most doors, whether they are fiberglass, steel, or wood, can have custom door inserts added to them. Pick from more modern, geometric designs with diamonds or squares, or select something bold and colorful, such as a pair of snowy egrets or palm trees and birds of paradise. Wider doors will need custom glass, so you can be a bit more creative. If you can dream it up or need help creating an idea, we will help you and find a way to render it in glass.

Instead of replacing that original pane of glass, we can install glass behind it, inside the existing frame. This is a great solution for someone with clear, hurricane impact glass that is looking for privacy or design and does not want to pay the high price of new impact glass. When it is completed, it looks seamless and won’t affect the hurricane impact rating of the existing glass. 

Whether you have a wood or fiberglass door, or a beautiful iron entry door, textured glass or patterned glass provides the privacy many of us crave. Glass can be a variety of colors and opacities and can be paired with other designs or our whimsical bubble glass. Don’t be afraid to showcase your family’s personality and style with a great first impression at the front door.

Can you add decorative glass behind existing glass?

We can also install our beautiful decorative glass behind the existing glass in your door. This is a great solution for someone with clear, hurricane impact glass that is looking for privacy or design and does not want to pay the high price of new impact glass. 

Can you add glass to doors other than my entry door?

Yes! We also specialize in lanai, garage side doors, and pool bath doors. Our decorative and/or textured glass options are a great solution for doors where privacy is required. It is also a great place to show off your personality with a custom design that will make a great conversation piece while you are enjoying your lanai. 

Will it hurt my door to add glass to it?

The process we use to add glass to an existing door is the same process that is used by door manufacturers. We only cut out the center of your door, which was designed for that purpose, so the door supports the shape and weight of the new glass and won’t affect the overall integrity or quality of the door.

We know the whole process can be confusing, especially if you aren’t sure what you really need or don’t know about all of the available options. We’ve been doing this for more than 24 years, and do not subcontract out the installation. We are happy to send one of our installers out to your home to do a field measure so we can offer suggestions on the best options for your home. When you work with Glass Design, you will get a much higher level of service than you would if you purchased a readymade door from a big box store. Customer satisfaction is very important to us. Please contact us today to learn more!

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