Five Awesome Advantages of Iron Impressions Grilles

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What Is an Iron Impressions Grille?

Although “iron” is in the name, Iron Impressions is actually an alternative to traditional iron. Iron Impressions is a lightweight, composite material that mimics the look of cast iron, and can be customized to fit almost any design. These grilles are perfect to use on entry doors and transom windows. Beyond offering a wonderful aesthetic addition to any home, Iron Impressions also provide a variety of other awesome advantages. If you’ve been thinking about adding more to the design of your door, you might find the benefits of Iron Impressions to fit exactly what you’re looking for.

Custom Glass Doors Iron Impressions 41) They Are Beautiful and Completely Customizable

The before and after photos speak for themselves, but Iron Impressions grilles offer a unique and beautiful design element for your home. One of the most exciting advantages of the material is that it’s completely customizable and can be designed to fit many areas throughout your house. You can stick with a theme if you want, such as a Tuscan or modern style, or go for something completely different. 

2.They Are Weather Resistant

Our Florida climate brings seasonal inclement weather, including rain and wind that unfortunately causes wear to our homes. With Iron Impressions, you don’t have to worry about the harsh wear and tear that you might experience with traditional iron designs. The material is highly weather resistant and won’t rust after repeatedly getting rained on. It’s also impermeable to bugs that may try and crawl their way in through your doors. Weather resistance also makes this material relatively low maintenance, so you can enjoy the beautiful look of an Iron Impressions custom door insert without worrying about it breaking down after a few rain showers.

3. They Add Value to Your Property

When you have an elegant, beautiful entryway to yourCustom Glass Doors Iron Impressions 2 home, it typically helps add to the resale value of your property. That’s exactly what a custom Iron Impressions door insert can provide for you. Should you ever be in the market to sell, an Iron Impressions grille can add great curb appeal to your property. Beyond the outside, they can also add increased value from being installed to areas on the inside of your house as well. The overall elegant and unique design just adds more of a decorative element to your home that may help you if you decide to sell it down the line.

4. They Can Be Applied to Commercial Buildings

Of course, an Iron Impressions grille can take any home to the next level, but it can also help give any commercial building some decorative flare. From restaurants, to clubhouses and waiting rooms, these grilles can be applied in the same way as any other residential property. Because of the overall versatility and ease of installation with this material, it makes it a perfect addition to many commercial businesses wanting to customize their look or just revamp their space.

5. Installation is Quick & Seamless

One of the most beneficial advantages of Iron Impressions grilles is the ease of installation and seamless customization. After discussing the overall design concept and approving the art proof, production time for an Iron Impressions grille can take anywhere from six to eight weeks. Once built, most projects can be installed that day depending on the number of pieces and intricacies of each unique design.  Since the material is so much more lightweight than traditional iron, installation becomes much easier. Not to mention, that lightweight material won’t add excessive weight to your doors or add stress to your walls and any other areas of installation.

From Design to Installation – Our Experts Can Help

If all of the advantages of Iron Impressions sound like what you’re looking for, contact the Glass Design team to learn more. Our experts are more than happy to discuss any ideas or project concepts you have and develop a customized plan to fit your needs. Whether you have a clear design in mind, or have an open room and are looking for inspiration to enhance it – we can help. Get a free quote today and let us get to work on making your home or commercial business as beautiful as possible with the addition of an Iron Impressions grille.

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