Express Inserts – Act Quick for the Glass Insert of Your Dreams

Express Inserts - Act Quick for the Glass Insert of Your Dreams We are so happy to announce our "Express Inserts" program! Our express inserts program features 8 different door insert designs as well as clearance items set at a discounted price from both our Fort Myers and Naples showrooms. The best part?  The quickness of it all!  If you're looking for glass door inserts for sale with a speedy installation time, then look no further - Glass Design has got it covered!  Browse our 8 top-selling designs: [...]

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Family You Choose and Designs You Love: Glass Design’s Story

The saying “You don’t get to choose your family” doesn’t apply to our team here at Glass Design. As a family-owned and operated business, Glass Design creates an environment where our employees and clients feel like they are part of one big happy family. Bonnie Durden, the owner and president of Glass Design, grew up traveling on a boat with her retired parents until one day her father randomly decided to get into glass design.  “Turns out he and my mother were very talented and art-driven,” said Durden about [...]

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Modern Grids Open Possibilities for Shower Doors

Crittall style is making a comeback in home design. It is crisp and modern, using glass decorated with metal grid designs to separate spaces while allowing light to flow freely between rooms. Now that style is topping the trend for shower enclosures and doors. The edgy designs of the geometric patterns and the variety of colors and textures available to customize the glass give any bathroom space a more contemporary flair. Our designers at Glass Design can create just about any look for our Southwest Florida clients, whether minimalistic [...]

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Can I Add Glass to My Existing Door?

Do you think about your front door often? You notice it and use it frequently, but you may not think about it that much because it’s not yet an exclamation point to mark your entry. We’re here to help. No matter the kind of door you have, it can easily be transformed in style without replacing it! Do you have a standard six-panel, solid entry door or a door that has an outdated glass pattern? Do all of the homes in your neighborhood have basically the same door?  As [...]

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Let it Slide: Custom Sliding Glass Doors Glide to Top of Interior Trends

Glass is increasing in popularity when it comes to interior decorating. Customized interior sliding glass doors – used for room dividers, closets, wine cellars and shower enclosures – evoke modernity with crisp, clean lines. Sliding doors are a wonderful option when space is limited, creating separate spaces while still allowing for light transmission. And while clear glass is still available, many homeowners and business owners are seeking out more creative designs when it comes to accenting with glass. Different Types of Sliding Glass Doors         Barn doors [...]

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SDLs Create Modern Grid Patterns for Doors & Glass

Anyone can purchase a stock door from a hardware store, but those who want their front door to stand out should consider a customized simulated divided lite design. SDLs allow designers to create traditional or more unique geometric creations using one pane of glass. The beauty of the SDL is that customers can easily create almost any design in glass that they want without the hassle of having to cut separate pieces of glass and separate them with custom-made dividers or grilles. At Glass Design, we pride ourselves on innovation, [...]

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Five Awesome Advantages of Iron Impressions Grilles

What Is an Iron Impressions Grille? Although “iron” is in the name, Iron Impressions is actually an alternative to traditional iron. Iron Impressions is a lightweight, composite material that mimics the look of cast iron. It’s a routed product that starts with one big sheet and can be customized to fit almost any design. These grilles can be used for custom door inserts, added to ceilings, interior wall dividers and more to provide a decorative element to any home. Beyond offering a wonderful aesthetic addition to any home or business, [...]

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Custom Glass Partitions: Add Protection & Style to Your Space

Whether you have an office space or any business, you know that creating a comfortable and beautiful environment for anyone who steps foot into your building is key. As our world keeps changing, the need to ensure these spaces are designed with the health and safety of our employees and customers in mind has never been more important. The good news is, there are ways to do so and also make your office or business even more beautiful than before. With custom glass partitions, you have the ability to enhance [...]

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Glass Wine Cellars: 2020 Trend That is Clearly Stunning

Why go with old wood and brick when you can showcase your beautiful wine collection in a modern custom frameless glass wine cellar? You’ve spent a lot of work on your home to make it a space to not just live, but thrive in. It’s an extension of your creativity, and if you’re looking for the next big unique trend to showcase in your home, look no further than all-glass wine cellars! Imagine refreshing that empty wall area or dressing up your existing wine storage with a custom glass-encased wine [...]

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Jazz Up Your Niche with Custom Glass

Do you have a niche or alcove in your home and you don’t really know what to do with it? Maybe you stuck up a mirror. Then you tried hanging up a painting or a photograph. Truth is: Nothing fits. You can tell it’s an afterthought. Niches are lovely accents and bring design elements to a solid wall. The key is to add a custom touch that adds the perfect pop to an otherwise mundane feature! Imagine a home entry wall that is painted cream and has a large [...]

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