What is “Bubble” Glass?

Have you ever heard of fused bubble glass? 

Many homeowners have never seen this unique type of decorative glass, but fall in love with it when they do! It is unlike anything seen before, a true conversation piece.

Bubble glass is an exclusive decorative glass option offered by Glass Design. It is uniquely created in house by our master artists and it truly is an eye catching work of art! We have the ability to fuse glass bubbles to clear glass, textured glass, or even frosted satin glass for maximum privacy.

Fused bubble glass can be used in many areas of your home, including entry doors, pool bath doors, shower enclosures, mirrors, cabinet glass and more! Bubble glass is dimensional and eye catching. We can create an array of patterns, from simple to intricate. 

Bubble Glass Design

Our design consultants work closely with homeowners to select their background glass (clear, textured, frosted/satin), bubble color (clear iridescent is most popular, but many options are available), and bubble pattern (waterfall, wave, organic, etc). As always, custom artwork is always provided to homeowners before production to ensure accuracy of the design concept.

In addition to glass bubbles, we also offer fused glass tiles, gems, bevels and more. The options are nearly endless for this unique type of decorative glass.

Contact Glass Design

Please contact us today to learn more about fused bubble glass and where it can be used in your home to bring in the uniqueness you desire! Our team will guide you through the process and bring your decorative glass dreams to life!

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