Hurricane Impact Glass

When it comes to hurricane protection, Glass Design is here to ensure your home stays safe with custom impact windows and doors. Hurricane season starts in June and ends in November, but it is never too early to begin preparing your home for a hurricane.


Unique Impact Glass: More Than a Clear Glass Option

At Glass Design, we offer high-quality impact doors and windows. What makes our impact doors and windows unique is that we can add a custom design or feature to the glass. Instead of the ordinary standard clear glass, our expert craftsmen can apply a design or picture behind the impact glass. The glass can be bubbled or textured to add additional privacy, and you won’t lose outside light like you normally do with hurricane panels and shutters.


Low-E Coating Adds Energy Efficiency

Our impact windows and doors will also come with a Low-E coating, which will increase energy efficiency. Low-E glass either has a soft or hard coating made up of invisible metal or metallic oxide on the surface of the glass. The Low-E glass will help a home run more efficiently as it minimizes the amount of ultraviolet and infrared light into your home.

The laminated glass used in impact windows and doors will add more protection between intruders and residents. Because impact glass is made to withstand hurricane-force winds and dangerous flying debris, they will also protect you from anyone trying to break into your home through a window or door and diffuse unwanted outdoor noise.

Top-Rated Products

Our impact doors and windows are manufactured by many top-rated brands, such as PGT, CGI, WinDoor, and Eastern Architectural, and are custom made to exceed the highest levels of protection during hurricane season.


Hurricane Special: 20% Off Inserts

When living in Southwest Florida, you need to be prepared and stay safe during hurricane season. Impact glass for your windows and doors will make sure you’re protected during hurricane season and the rest of the year, too. At Glass Design, we have an experienced and knowledgeable team to give you flawless impact windows and doors that you can add your own creative design or feature to. Call us today and ask about our 20 percent off hurricane impact inserts and a free window with a package purchase.

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