Family You Choose and Designs You Love: Glass Design’s Story

The saying “You don’t get to choose your family” doesn’t apply to our team here at Glass Design. As a family-owned and operated business, Glass Design creates an environment where our employees and clients feel like they are part of one big happy family.

Bonnie Durden, the owner and president of Glass Design, grew up traveling on a boat with her retired parents until one day her father randomly decided to get into glass design. 

“Turns out he and my mother were very talented and art-driven,” said Durden about a passion that eventually turned into the company we know and love today: Glass Design.

When Durden’s parents began considering selling their business, she saw it as a perfect opportunity to carry on the legacy of beautiful glass designs in Fort Myers, Florida. Now, she’s been able to grow the business to two locations – one in Fort Myers and one in Naples, Florida – with 15 employees.

What started as just custom etched and leaded designs for entry doors and windows soon became a long list of creative options to choose from.

“We pride ourselves on having lots of options for the customers,” said Erica Vickers, our team’s general manager.

Do I have to replace my entire door unit to have decorative glass installed?

In most cases, we can add glass to your existing door. If you already have hurricane impact glass and don’t want to go through the hassle of starting from scratch, don’t you worry! We can work with you to install decorative glass right behind your existing glass.

We can absolutely replace the whole door unit if that is something you are interested in – but you certainly don’t have to feel obligated to do so. We are here to help you turn your glass dreams into a reality.

Can I do Architectural Glass?

As Durden said, “If you can think of anything in the glass world, we pretty much do it.”

Many people think that they have to travel to big cities like Miami to find architectural glass – but they don’t even have to leave the county!

Glass is most often seen as a material to be used for windows or decorative pieces, but in fact, it can be used for so much more. Architectural Glass was first used to construct a building in Hyde Park, England, in 1850. ‘The Crystal Palace’ as it was called, was constructed with 300,000 pieces of glass, creating a beautiful building that allowed light to flow in while still holding the proper structure that every building needs.

Architectural Glass doesn’t have to be just sturdy, plain glass – it can also be decorative! Here at Glass Design, we can add any decorative element you can think of, from sandblasting the company logo into the glass or adding LED edge lighting around the glass.

Glass Design is here to help you with all your glass-related needs. We don’t want you to feel limited to just things you see in a catalog or a box store. When it comes to glass, the sky really is the limit!

Can I have a photo turned into a decorative glass piece?

Do you have a piece of art or a photograph you think would look amazing on glass but don’t know where to start? Well, we would love to help you make your idea come to life!

Here at Glass Design, we’ve taken designs from something as simple as a pillowcase and turned them into something beautiful!

We’ve even taken high-resolution photos and had them printed onto glass to either create a gorgeous backsplash or a decorative piece to ‘wow’ your house guests.

We understand that designing your home or office space can be very stressful, especially when you don’t know where to start – but that’s what we are here for! At Glass Design, we are a family, and we would love to have you come join our family. We are happy to send one of our installers out to your home to take measurements and offer suggestions on the best way to implement glass into your home or workspace. Contact us today or come on down to one of our showrooms and meet the family!

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