Modern Grids Open Possibilities for Shower Doors

Crittall style is making a comeback in home design. It is crisp and modern, using glass decorated with metal grid designs to separate spaces while allowing light to flow freely between rooms. Now that style is topping the trend for shower enclosures and doors. The edgy designs of the geometric patterns and the variety of colors and textures available to customize the glass give any bathroom space a more contemporary flair. Our designers at Glass Design can create just about any look for our Southwest Florida clients, whether minimalistic or complex.  “Most companies just offer standard glass options with their shower doors. We do our own sandblasting to create etched designs, and we also offer cast glass and bubble glass, which is super unique,” said Bonnie Durden, our owner and president of Glass Design.  Interior designers are all about creating open living spaces. Fewer walls, more light and eye-catching room dividers. But the design doesn’t have to be too minimalistic or overly decorative. Our Gridscapes doors blend seamlessly with geometric-patterned rugs and more contemporary, minimalistic furniture designs that incorporate black metal or chrome and come in shades of black, white and gray. 

What are Gridscapes?

Gridscapes create vertical, horizontal and diagonal geometric patterns on your glass shower doors and shower enclosures using rust-proof anodized aluminum mullions in a variety of metal finishes, including bright silver, chrome, nickel, bronze, polished stainless, brushed stainless and platinum. The doors can be created using separate panes of glass divided with mullions or a style called simulated divided lite in which the grid pattern is placed on the outside of the shower glass with adhesive.  Although full divided lites are more difficult to clean, most customers really like having the metal grid pattern on both sides of the glass. To help with that, Glass Design applies a 10-year chemical sealant to the glass to protect it against scratches and water spots, keeping the glass looking cleaner and new longer.  

What styles of shower doors enclosures work well with Gridscapes?

Grid-patterned shower doors come in all shapes and sizes. From swinging and sliding doors to fixed panels.  Depending on your bathroom space requirements, your Gridscape shower enclosure can have one or two swinging doors. If the space is larger, you can add matching inline panels on one or both sides of the doors. The design options are endless. If your space is limited, a top-hung sliding door can add a more casual, modernistic feel to your room, or you can install a fixed panel walk-in shower with no door.

Can I add Gridscape shower doors to my existing bathroom shower surround?

We usually recommend that homeowners only consider Gridscape shower doors for a complete shower remodel. Grid shower enclosures tend to be more expensive than typical shower enclosures, so most clients don’t want to invest the money improving an old shower surround. Gridscape shower doors are a wonderful addition to a newly built or remodeled home. Once the contractor completes the tile work in the bathroom, our technicians measure the space to see what style of Gridscape door will work best. Many clients absolutely love the look of the Gridscape doors and will order interior doors with a matching grid pattern for other parts of their home to really bring their design vision together. The metal and glass partitions give homeowners that sense of separation they crave, while allowing natural light to flow freely through their living spaces. In interior design, it is important to find ways to link the design of each room together and Gridscapes are a perfect way to do that because they are both stunning and subtle.   From CAD design to implementation, customers are usually impressed with the finished product, which always ends up looking more beautiful in person than on paper. Our installation team is topnotch. They are not subcontractors and they use only the best tools to ensure your project is perfectly fitted so there are no gaps between the glass and the doors are hung absolutely level. Interested in learning more about our Gridscape shower doors? Give us a call and speak with one of our designers who can help you create a new, more modern look for your bathroom and home.

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