Benefits of Fiberglass Doors for Exterior Applications

Go back in time 50 years and most entry doors were made of wood. While these are still available in today’s day and age – and offer a beautiful look – there are several other options to consider. For example, fiberglass entry doors are extremely popular among today’s homeowners.

Benefits of Fiber Glass Doors

  • The Look of Wood: Are you interested in the look of wood, but concerned about things such as maintenance and upkeep? If so, fiberglass is the answer. With the ability to stain a wood-textured fiberglass door, most people won’t be able to tell the difference. 


  • More Durable: Although a wood door sounds like a great idea, it can twist and warp in our hot and humid Florida climate. Steel doors are quite durable but can rust, usually from the inside out. Fortunately, with the latest technology and reinforcement, fiberglass doors are the answer to these issues as they are impermeable to moisture and insects.


  • Security: Forget about what your door looks like for a second, as there’s nothing more important than security. Fiberglass doors are every bit as secure as steel or wood doors.


  • Hurricane Impact Ratings: While your basic fiberglass doors come with excellent design pressures for hurricane impact ratings, they are also available in an HVHZ version which has a steel plate reinforcement that offers even higher design pressures for coastal areas.


  • Energy efficiency: An energy efficient entry door is one that will keep your heating and cooling bills in check. In the summer, for example, insulated fiberglass doors can keep the cool air inside and the hot Florida air outside. Not only does this save you money, but it helps maintain a comfortable interior temperature.


  • Glass Options: Most fiberglass doors will allow for a standard size glass insert to be added which offers you many design options to fit any budget and style.


  • Cost Effective: Fiberglass doors not only provide all of the benefits listed above, they tend to be around the same price as steel, and much less than wood doors.

If these benefits have you excited about installing a new door, visit us to learn more about your many fiberglass, wood, and iron door options. We can help you find a product and style that suits you and your home.

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