Let it Slide: Custom Sliding Glass Doors Glide to Top of Interior Trends

Glass is increasing in popularity when it comes to interior decorating. Customized interior sliding glass doors – used for room dividers, closets, wine cellars and shower enclosures – evoke modernity with crisp, clean lines. Sliding doors are a wonderful option when space is limited, creating separate spaces while still allowing for light transmission. And while clear glass is still available, many homeowners and business owners are seeking out more creative designs when it comes to accenting with glass.

Different Types of Sliding Glass Doors

  •         Barn doors are top-hung sliding glass doors that mimic the look of a barn door, usually with an exposed track and exposed wheels. The doors are usually stored in front of another wall or fixed piece of glass until they are needed to divide the room and then they easily glide across the opening to seal it off. The barn doors themselves can be customized with grids, etching, mirrors, cast designs, and more. Barn doors are perfect for creating that eclectic farmhouse look with a modern twist.
  •         Synchronized bi-parting doors feature two sliding doors that function in harmony. When one door slides open or closed, the other door moves in unison. These can be used for closets, as well as room dividers, wine rooms, and more.
  •         Telescoping Sliding Doors are similar to sliding glass exterior doors. There are multiple panels that slide and stack in front of each other. They can be created with frameless heavy glass or with framed glass grid-style doors. 

At Glass Design, we can customize the glass in any of these sliding glass door systems. Two of our most popular customizations include grid designs and bubble glass. Grid designs can range from minimalistic to multiple divided lites providing an industrial, farmhouse, or shabby chic feel to any room. Our own customized bubble glass – where glass bubbles are fused to clear glass, textured glass, or etched glass – results in a beautiful sheet of glass that looks as if real bubbles are trapped inside. Many other types of decorative glass options are available for all of our sliding door systems. 

Different Uses for Glass Sliding Doors

Interior glass sliding doors can be used in many different applications as an alternative to regular walls and doors. They add functionality, versatility, beauty, elegance, and light to any space. 

Room dividers

Do you want to be able to close off a den, wine cellar, conference room or media room from the rest of your space? Sliding glass doors make perfect room dividers. They allow homes and businesses to get more use out of their limited space, but also create a more modern feel to the room. Traditional walls and doors limit what a room can be used for. In smaller homes, especially, using sliding doors as room dividers allows clients to extend a room’s space or divide it, while still allowing light in.

Our sliding glass doors feature easy glide wheels and a variety of track options allowing for different styles as well as installation methods. They can be top hung with a floor track or without. Room dividers can take advantage of our many sliding glass door options, including barn doors, bi-parting synchronized doors and suspended doors. 

The glass in any of our doors comes in various colors and designs, including frosted, linen, milky, smoky, and black, or you can turn them into a work of art with our trademark bubble glass or an etched design, whatever fits your personal style. The metal of the frame can be customized in black, silver, white or chrome, and the handles range from square or rounded ladder pulls to handles that are indented or flush with the frame.   

Closet doors

Closet doors no longer have to be drab. Turn them into conversation pieces and works of art to beautify and modernize any home or business. Glass Design can customize the glass on any style of sliding closet door. That could mean custom etched designs, cast glass, grid patterns or bubble glass. The glass or design can be left transparent so you can see what is inside, for example in a wine cellar, or it can be opaque to allow for more privacy. The glass comes in the same textures and styles as the room dividers, and the hardware and handles can be customized in black, silver, white and chrome. Handles themselves can be elegant chrome ladder pulls, square or rounded designer handles, indented or flush with the frame.

Bathrooms and shower surrounds

Sliding glass doors for shower enclosures are increasing in popularity for many reasons. They are a great option for limited space and come in many different styles and colors. They come in clear glass, textured glass, etched designs, fused bubbles, cast glass, and more. The glass can add privacy or become a decorative fixture of the room. Grid patterns are the newest trend in shower enclosures, creating beautiful geometric shapes on top of our gorgeous, customized glass to add a crisp, modern aesthetic to any bathroom. We also can treat the shower enclosure with ClearShield, a chemical application that when applied to the glass keeps it looking sharp for 10 years and makes it easier to clean.

Interested in finding out more about how Glass Design can customize the sliding glass doors in your home? Make an appointment today or visit one of our Florida showrooms and allow us to help you realize your dream of a more modern home.

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