Laminated Glass: Fusing Design and Strength

If you’re anything like the homeowners we work with, you’re constantly looking at ways to enhance the style of your home and truly make it yours.

But if you haven’t looked into laminated glass, you are missing out on one of the trendiest and most creative ways to bring a fresh style to your house.

This isn’t glass as you’re probably thinking; it has evolved from its humble beginnings to include a variety of functionalities and an endless stream of design possibilities.

Considered one of the strongest and most durable glass solutions, laminated glass is more than just its strength. When properly designed, it can add sophistication and beauty to your home unlike almost anything else.

What is Laminated Glass?

Laminated glass is a layered type of glass with a laminated sheet or liquid resin resting between the two or more layers of glass, allowing for greater strength and reduced danger in case the glass gets damaged.

The laminated glass is constructed by combining two or more heat-treated glass sheets bonded with one or more interlayers and subjected to heat and pressure, in order to ensure the perfect adhesion and create a flat or curved compound glass product.

On the sides and edges of the glass, the layers will be more obvious to the viewer.


While laminated glass is known for its durability and safety, the benefits don’t stop there:

  • Laminated glass holds a much lower risk of shattering than traditional glass, making it more likely to remain in place and safer to work with.
  • Makes for much easier repairs and replacements.
  • The unique design and strength properties can be combined to create decorative fully customizable laminations.

Latest Trends

The most stunning thing about laminated glass is that the combination of the multiple glass layers with the added interlayer allows for virtually endless creativity and design. Textured glass can be combined with mirrors, shattered “crackle” glass can be sealed between two intact pieces of glass, color-tinted interlayers can be added, and much more!

Give new life to your backsplashes, floors, railings, partitions, tabletops, or even a featured wall in your home or business with laminated glass. Maybe take your favorite fabrics, leaves, flowers, glitter or even a printed photo – these can be added to the interlayer of the glass to give it a personal or unique touch. Laminated glass doesn’t have to be just used for car windows or office buildings, it can bring beauty and design to any space.

Laminated glass provides amazing benefits: It’s safer, more durable, and offers extreme design flexibility. With the strength and flexibility to allow for endless creativity, you can make nearly any dream design a possibility. Glass Design professionals know that laminated glass is the hot thing in the glass industry.

Why Choose Glass Design in Naples & Fort Myers?

Glass Design has years of experience in designing and installing laminated glass in homes and commercial businesses.

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Recently, Glass Design worked with Ford’s Experience on a custom, architectural glass wall. The homeowners who wanted this custom wall already had a vision in mind, so our job was to bring that vision to life. 

We built them a showstopper —  showcase wall to highlight a particular piece of antique art in their home. The brushed bronze finish and polished laminated glass from Bendheim is as unique as their antique. 

For homeowners or businesses that don’t have a vision for their laminated glass piece, we have many samples in our showrooms to demonstrate the capabilities and also inspire you. Our Design Consultants will work closely with you to find the perfect combination of glass and interlayer to achieve any look.

Show your creative side with laminated glass from Glass Design. Call us today!


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