Glass Wine Cellars: 2020 Trend That is Clearly Stunning

Why go with old wood and brick when you can showcase your beautiful wine collection in a modern custom frameless glass wine cellar?

You’ve spent a lot of work on your home to make it a space to not just live, but thrive in. It’s an extension of your creativity, and if you’re looking for the next big unique trend to showcase in your home, look no further than all-glass wine cellars!

Imagine refreshing that empty wall area or dressing up your existing wine storage with a custom glass-encased wine room. You’ve seen it in the highest-end restaurants and now you can have it in your house, perfectly blended into the style of your choosing.

Why Glass?

Glass is a stylish, clean, and versatile material that is only limited by your creativity. Glass wine cellars provide functional storage while also being an aesthetically pleasing piece of artwork in your home, showcasing not only your wine collection but also the unique architectural features of your house. There is no limit to how you can make this unique glass application your own. Glass can also be textured, etched, frosted, bent or curved. What’s not to like?

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Put the Wine in Focus with Frameless Design

You spend too much time and energy on your wine collection to imprison it in a basement or out of sight. The latest trend is full frameless glass enclosures that will showcase a collector’s wines from every angle. These frameless wine cellars use discrete metal hinges, clips, or channels to attach the glass, giving it a minimalist and clean look, putting the focus on your wine.

Custom-Shaped To Fit Any Location

Do you have an awkward nook under the stairs? Or wish that your kitchen had a central feature? Or do you wish your guests could have something to admire in your living room?

Your only limit is your imagination. Glass has the flexibility to be custom bent, shaped, and styled to any space in your home to give it a texture and intrigue it never had before. Imagine a custom-curved built-in glass showcase under your stairs or a floor-to-ceiling masterpiece of etched glass and light showing off your wine collection.

The main attraction of an all-glass wine room or cellar is the ability to have nearly limitless options in your home to select a location.

A Perfect View: Low Iron Glass Wine Cellars

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Have you ever noticed “clear glass” has a greenish tint to it? Just because “clear” is in the name, does not mean it is the clearest glass you can get. Clear glass has a high iron content, which will give it that greenish tint.

Low-Iron glass, also known as extra-clear glass or optically clear glass has a reduced amount on iron, allowing it to be more transparent than regular glass, and does not have this greenish tint like most other glass types. This makes low-iron glass the ideal choice for a glass wine cellar because when looking row after row of wine in your wine cellar, you want to be able to admire your wine collection in full splendor, without this green tint getting in the way.

At first glance, a glass wine cellar seems like an easy solution to enclosing a wine room or wine wall, and many contractors pull off what they think you’ll be “fine” with. The reality is that glass-enclosed wine cellars are extremely complex and involve great precision that should be conducted by an experienced professional. 

Why Choose Glass Design in Naples & Fort Myers

Glass Design is the clear choice when choosing a company to create a stunning glass wine cellar.

The experts at Glass Design know you want to create a wine cellar that is a beautiful showpiece in not just any home, but your home. Our glass wine cellars are customized to ensure all design needs are met with glass that is either ⅜ -inch or half-inch thick.

What would make your glass wine cellar unique? Imagine your family crest, initials, or your company’s logo, precisely and beautifully etched into your custom glass wine cellar. This etching turns your wine cellar into a piece of art that is uniquely yours.

123951 1 225x300Wine cellar walls and doors can also have a special technique done by Glass Design: Bubbles and other textures.

With Glass Design, you can have peace of mind with your wine cellar project because, with no subcontractors, we control the process from start to finish. 

In order to achieve the highest quality finished wine cellar, we craft every detail. Hardware can be customized to your style and desires. Do you want oversized hinges or hinges that are barely visible? Your ideas can be a reality.

After precise measurements are taken, the design has been agreed upon, and the pieces are crafted, the installation will typically take one day.

Glass wine cellars will increase the overall value of your home while delivering a captivating entertainment space that can be adored for years to come. Glass wine cellar enclosures are more than just bottle storage; they are a statement piece. 

Give Glass Design a call today and get ready to toast to your new wine cellar.

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