Custom Glass Partitions: Add Protection & Style to Your Space

Office Partition Lotus Construction 200x300Whether you have an office space or any business, you know that creating a comfortable and beautiful environment for anyone who steps foot into your building is key. As our world keeps changing, the need to ensure these spaces are designed with the health and safety of our employees and customers in mind has never been more important. The good news is, there are ways to do so and also make your office or business even more beautiful than before. With custom glass partitions, you have the ability to enhance the interior design of your space while also adding protective workplace barriers to allow anyone that enters your building to feel safe.

What is a Glass Partition

A glass partition is a non load-bearing pane of glass that helps divide a room or create a barrier between desks, lobbies and other social areas. Our glass partitions are typically between ⅜ or ½ inch thick and designed to be a more permanent addition to your space. They can span the full length from wall to ceiling in a room, or be tailored to fit other smaller areas such as a reception desk. Depending on the circumstances, there might be the option for frameless installation but typically some frame is required for stability. Glass partitions are extremely high quality and can create a more elegant look in comparison to some other traditional clear partitions, which may be made from plexiglass or Lexan. While these alternatives are popular for providing protective workplace barriers, they do not offer the same customization options and long term support as glass partitions.

Benefits of Glass Partitions

So far, we’ve touched on just a few benefits of custom glass partitions, but there are so many more to consider when choosing what’s best for your business.

Protection from Germs

Of course, one of the main benefits of installing glass partitions in an office is that they provide a cleaner work environment. With many offices and businesses moving away from traditional cubicles, employees are often working in relatively close proximity to one another. Depending on the type of business setting, it may be necessary to interact more closely with clients, partners, and fellow employees. Glass partitions offer the flexibility to keep that communication flowing without the fear of spreading too many germs.

Office Partition Glass Design Captiva 168x300 They Add Personality to Your Space

Our glass partitions can be customized to fit the theme of your office or business in so many ways. Even if your primary concern is protection, we can take elements from any of our other decorative glass dividers and design a wall divider that’s beautiful and functional for your space and needs. From frosted glass, to adding textures and lighting we can design a concept to make your partition as unique as you’d like. We can also add etching to your partition to help showcase your logo or another design.

Minimized Sound

Another benefit of glass partitions that may be less obvious is they can also help to minimize sound if needed. This is primarily beneficial for glass partitions in an office. Partitions installed between desks can help keep an open feel within the room, while also allowing employees to be able to focus and block out unnecessary noise.

Increased Privacy

With all of the customization options available, you can have glass partitions that are frosted, textured and more to increase privacy. A frosted glass partition can help provide privacy for those in your office or business without creating a closed off environment like traditional walls might. At Glass Design, we also specialize in one way mirror design options that can be implemented on your glass partition for further privacy measures.

Office Partition Glass Design 168x300Improved Lighting

Opting for high quality glass partitions rather than traditional cubicles or standard wall dividers can help improve lighting in your workspace or business. Glass wall dividers and partitions allow for light to continue flowing through the room rather than being cut off. Depending on the placement of the dividers, they can often make a room feel even brighter by allowing the light to bounce off their surface and illuminate the surrounding area.

Easy to Clean

In addition to creating a barrier to avoid the spread of germs, glass partitions are also extremely easy to clean and disinfect. We can also add our ClearShield® protectant on top of any design to keep your glass looking like new for years. ClearShield® is a four-step chemical process that takes place before the glass is installed and helps protect your investment by preventing fingerprints and scratches to make cleaning a breeze.

Talk to Our Glass Experts Today

At Glass Design, our top priority is making sure we complete all of our projects to exceed the expectations of our clients. As a family owned business serving Southwest Florida since 1996, we take pride in what we do and love delivering results for our clients.

In these uncertain times, we are all adjusting to new normals and taking more precautions than ever before when it comes to maintaining a healthy workspace and clean business environment. Why not take the opportunity to install a permanent work of art that also provides protection for your workers, clients, customers and anyone else that steps into your business? In an open-concept office, glass partitions and wall dividers can add structure without making the space feel small. Custom glass partitions can also provide a unique way to add flare and decor to a restaurant, hotel lobby and more.

Contact our experts at Glass Design today to learn more about our custom glass partitions or to get a free quote. Whether you already have a design in mind or want to work with our team to develop one from scratch, we are here to help you. Give us a call today!

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