Jazz Up Your Niche with Custom Glass

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Niche before custom glass design
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Niche after custom glass design

Do you have a niche or alcove in your home and you don’t really know what to do with it? Maybe you stuck up a mirror. Then you tried hanging up a painting

or a photograph. Truth is: Nothing fits. You can tell it’s an afterthought.

Niches are lovely accents and bring design elements to a solid wall. The key is to add a custom touch that adds the perfect pop to an otherwise mundane feature!

Imagine a home entry wall that is painted cream and has a large archway niche. Now think of that barren archway with a grand, whimsical whispering willow tree carefully etched on a mirror.

For that project, the experts at Glass Design not only used glass to bring a feeling of the  outdoors inside, but they also created a piece of art that could evoke meaning to anyone who comes and goes from this home. Trees symbolize growth, harmony, stability, and strength. The reflection from the mirror creates the feeling of additional space and light. That’s a far cry from a blank canvas!

Jazz up your niche your way.

Adding decorative glass to a rectangle or arched opening in your drywall can be a creative way to add privacy and design and can also act as a sound barrier.

Here’s how you can turn your niche from a plain space to a display that will entrance everyone who passes by.

Better with a Background

Custom glass or mirror may be just the thing your niche needs! Glass doesn’t have to be clear! Think etched, leaded, or bubbled.

Homeowners can choose to make the designs more intricate by etching a custom design on the glass. Colorful LED lighting ups the installation and makes all types of glass and designs stand out!

Hanging a piece of custom etched glass or mirror in a niche can have the same effect as hanging your favorite piece of art on your wall. If you don’t have a design in mind, the experts at Glass Design will help you brainstorm ideas and design something for your needs.

Image 1 225x300The Looking Glass: Add a Mirror

A mirror will bring new dimensions to any space!

Forget the traditional framed mirror! We’re talking about mirrors with etchings, Iron Impressions grilles, antique mirror tiles, leaded and beveled mirrors, colored mirrors, and more!

Rooms with mirrors will automatically look bigger and feel more inviting. Adding iron impressions over a mirror can enhance a 3D effect and be a statement piece like no other.

From entryways to hallways, your home can be transformed by upgrading your niches.

Don’t Shelf the Shelves!

Ever think about adding shelves to your niche? That’s not an idea you should shelve!

Adding shelves means function and storage. Not only will shelves be functional, but they also will be beautiful and use a space that otherwise had no purpose.

Custom glass shelves will make your niche look like that was its intended use. Bubble glass or mirrors will add several layers to your idea and make you wonder why you didn’t think of this sooner! LED edge lighting can be added to crackle glass, carved glass, and other glass shelves to create an additional dimension.

Not Just For Your Wall

If you’ve ever found yourself gazing up at unique ceilings, you understand how adding a custom glass or iron piece of art to an alcove in a ceiling can be breathtaking. Image 2 225x300

Plain ceilings are uninspiring. When you look up, you want something that evokes a feeling, whether it’s peaceful or exciting.

One of the more popular ways to jazz up a niche in the ceiling is by playing around with lighting. If there is lighting on the border of the niche, we can install some frosted glass to diffuse it. This will make a space more open and inviting.

Image 3 226x300Why Choose Glass Design in Naples & Fort Myers?

For more than 20 years, Glass Design has handcrafted, beautiful designs to make your home stand out. When thinking about ways to jazz up any of your niches, remember to take photos of your space so the experts at Glass Design can start crafting ideas right away! Customizing spaces with glass is our specialty. With so many options, we want to help take your ideas and make them a reality. Call us today!

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