Comparing Frameless Shower Door Options

Frameless Shower Door Options

Are you interested in installing a frameless shower door? Are you ready to tackle this project, but unsure of what to invest in and how to get the best deal in regard to both product and installation?At Glass Design, we’ve been helping homeowners purchase the perfect frameless shower door for more than 22 years!

Focus on These Shower Door Factors

You should never assume that any two frameless shower doors are the same, as even those that appear similar may have some distinct differences.Here are some of the many factors to consider with shower doors:

Glass Thickness

It’s critical to understand the impact of glass thickness on structural integrity, price, and aesthetics. For example, for most frameless showers it is perfectly suitable to install 3/8” thick glass, however on some larger spans of glass, especially where a door is hinged off of another panel, it is highly recommended to upgrade to ½” thick glass.

Glass Protection

This isn’t included on every frameless shower door, so it’s something to ask about. With a glass protectant, cleaning time in the future is greatly reduced. Furthermore, it helps keep your door looking its best for years to come. We highly recommend ClearShield clean glass technology for all of our shower enclosures. It is a 4-step chemical process that seals the microscopic pores of the glass, which greatly reduces the damage that can be caused by minerals in your water (that permanent soap scum look).


There’s more to a frameless shower door than the glass itself. The hardware you choose can make or break the final appearance, so compare all your options. Just the same as the glass, there are many selections to consider.


This comes into play both when buying a frameless shower door and during the installation process. Are you interested in a glass to glass hinging? How about pivot hinges or wall mount hinges? The configuration you choose is based largely on the layout of your bathroom and your budget. At Glass Design, we always provide a 3D CAD drawing of the glass layout and hardware selection/placement, so our clients are clear on what the final product will look like up front.

Standard Clear or Ultra-Clear (Low Iron)

In addition to glass thickness, you also need to compare standard and ultra-clear options. Standard clear, while a nice option, typically has a slight greenish hue. If you’re interested in a glass that is optically clear, learn more about the many ultra-clear options that exist.Low Iron Glass 573x286 300x150


Once you compare frameless shower door options and make a final decision, it’s time to move on to the installation process. Due to the precision necessary to measure & install a heavy glass, frameless shower enclosure, the quality of installation can be the biggest differentiating factor between one glass company to the next.

Final Thoughts on Shower Doors

At Glass Design, we take great pride in employing the most skilled installers in the business and make top-notch quality our main focus. It doesn’t matter what door you choose or how your bathroom is laid out, we’re sure to provide you with the service you deserve. If the time has come to upgrade your bathroom in Naples and Fort Myers, with a frameless shower door, you’re in the right place! We invite you to visit one of our showrooms to see the quality of our heavy glass frameless showers and hardware in person.

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